We are the experts at holding your audience’s attention

At LookBookHQ, we understand that it’s very hard and very expensive for marketers to get attention (and clicks)—that’s why it’s critical to do more with your prospects’ attention when you have it. The challenge is how to hold on to your audience’s attention and turn that attention into real engagement that you can track and measure.

LookBookHQ’s vision for the future of marketing is one where every click has real potential to engage a prospect and help you learn more about what works. We know that if people are not reading your content, then you are not selling as much or your product or service as you could be. Attention is the only valid currency in marketing today and you need to maximize it when you have it.

Using LookBookHQ’s engagement marketing platform, our customers have generated hundreds of thousands of data points that confirm:

  • People will engage with more than a single piece of content if you deliver it to them in the right way
  • The more time people spend with your content, the greater the chance they will provide you with their information
  • People not only need to engage with your content as well as with third–party content that validates your product or service, they want to engage
  • Lead nurturing and similar programs work better when you let your audience consume content in guided “bursts” from a single click rather than the steady drip feed

How we solve your biggest marketing challenge

LookBookHQ provides a simple solution that can make a difference from day one. With our easy-to-use cloud-based engagement marketing solution, you can get started right away, using the content you already have to increase engagement and see measureable results.

We also work great with your existing marketing technology stack. We integrate with the leading marketing automation platforms (MAPs) including Oracle Eloqua and Marketo, as well as analytics and other tools in your marketing arsenal. We are the content layer that maximizes the value of your content and clicks so you can do more with your prospects’ hard-won attention.

We’re growing

LookBookHQ started in 2012 as a way to create and package engaging aggregations of content that marketers could share. This was only the first step. Working closely with our customers and with top brands in the marketing technology ecosystem, we have grown and matured our offering into an enterprise platform that drives and measures engagement. We now are proud to call many of the world’s leading marketers our clients and continue to channel the insights we learn from them into new releases of our offering.

Our amazing team

If you have ever worked with our people before, you know we hire the best and brightest marketing, customer service and technology professionals in the business. Our team always goes the distance to solve any challenge and make sure our clients are successful. Sometimes we even solve issues that other vendors would pass off as “not our problem.” Our clients trust us to deliver a reliable service combined with remarkable client services, support, marketing expertise and best practices.

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