We’re on a mission.

And we think that the best way to start is to help people communicate their insight or sell their points of view as directly as possible. This does not mean being boring or dumbing down what you have to say. We think it means taking the raw facts or figures or articles that you find convincing and organizing them in great new way so that others can achieve the same insight you have.
Many professionals (like Marketing, PR, Analysts etc.) have the same issues: You have three valuable and interesting facts, some data and few related third party articles. These really support a point you want to make. You want to put these to use and turn them into something valuable that will help your client, your organization, your prospective customers. Should you write a long paper? Create a PowerPoint and share it around? Blog? A giant e-mail with attachments? How do you link it to the supporting information that inspired you in the first place? What if you only want to reference a few key points but need to provide the whole piece of research? You need to create some sort of narrative or a logic to follow (or a pitch). But you know people don’t want to read all those words. You don’t really don’t have time to write them. Most of all, you want to make people appreciate that they invested the time to look at what you have, even if they didn’t agree with every single point.
On the other hand, imagine you are the target consumer of this type of information. You’re busy, you have a lot to read through every day. If people are going to send you information, should it not respect your time? Even if it is an obvious pitch, wouldn’t it be great if it contained information you could actually use to help your business? The world is full of useless content and time sucking presentations so your defences need to be high. You want to extract the insight from what you’re looking at quickly.

We think there is a better way for everyone, so in 2010 we launched an ambitious project called BuzzData. It was a way for the world to share data sets and related facts in context and attempt to create stories around that data. Thousands of people signed up and brought their information and their insight. We learned a lot. In particular, we became aware of the deep desire for people to create better, more valuable and interesting content in a visual way. Not just a chart or an infographic or a link. Based on this and the support of our users we are now able to bring LookBooks in our product LookBookHQ.
The concept is simple, add your stuff, we help you make it more visual and focused, organize everything into a narrative and share. We even included a feature where third party applications can be added to act directly on your stuff (say you did need a great motion chart or map).
Everyone here at LookBookHQ is committed to making you look good and be convincing right away. We are overwhelmed and excited by the response to LookBooks and can’t wait to start helping more professionals who want to stand out and get on with it.